14 years!

It all started on the 1st of July, 1999. In that moment, I had no idea what was going to happen. Me and Ricardo Ramos decided to start DRI. Our main objective was very clear back then: we wanted to do our final degree project by creating an online cultural platform named Culturnet.

By that time, our University was only allowing students to choose final degree projects between those that were submitted by external companies to the University. On July 1999, there was a huge SAP boom, and our degree was perfect to deliver SAP consultants. We were not in love with the idea of working with SAP, and as the Internet was on the early stages, we decided to do something related with it. So the only option left was to create a company, submit our project through the created company and then accept it as students. It worked! — after that year, the University started to have an approval process on projects that were presented by companies, before allowing students to accept them.

So we were able to create a web platform called Culturnet, based on Oracle WebDB running on RedHat Servers. 2 passions that paved most of DRI’s path: Web and Open Source. Great experience!

14 years after, lots of cool things were done, lots of projects were delivered, lots of customers were pleased with our service and lots of collaborators passed by DRI. This could be a very long story but that is not the point. Now DRI operates in several countries and it’s gone way above our initial expectations, with lots of success.

This is only possible due to all the people that worked on DRI, to all the technology partners we worked with through the years, and to all the customers that trusted us. To all of them, thank you for letting DRI be what it is after 14 years.

Here’s to 14 more!

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