2014 Auf gehts!

Forecast Germany 2014

As an English guy in Germany even after 34 years I learn every day that every country has its own rules.

As Genius4U we focused predominately on the German “Mittelstand” (the M in SMB) which allowed us to grow to become one of the top 5 Sugar partners in Europe. As DRI CE (DR. ICE) we will initially follow this approach, but over time as the business and the team builds we will move more and more into the larger enterprise customer base.

We see that the German Mittelstand doesn’t just buy a product, they buy security when buying a solution and this also applies to the implementation partner as well.

For our new clients we want to offer industry solutions based on the experience of our 150+ successful projects.

With our existing customer base we want to jointly accompany them through the jungle of the upcoming challenges.

As Germany is one of the stronger markets in Europe, all the other European countries try to gain a foot in the market. With the solution portfolio from DRI we can support our customers in whatever stage of the CRM development they are and will be able to tackle all of their upcoming challenges in the areas of marketing, sales and service.

For us as DRI CE we have a lot to do, but we start from a strong position and with the DRI group we are poised to start our next successful steps.

We are extremely lucky to have found Christopher Hasperg who will be joining us full time in March as an experienced senior business consultant who brings wide experience with the Mittelstand and has great experience in sales and marketing from a thorough process view.

Auf gehts! !   (Let’s go ! !)

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