2014: Changes and Challenges ahead

2014: Changes and Challenges ahead

First of all we want to wish you lots of positive energy and drive for your 2014 projects!

During 2013, DRI Spain learnt even more about how we can help customers better in today's world - now we’re ready to take it a step further! The Social Inbox platform is already up and running in some of our big customers, and the plan is to use it with more of our clients, becoming a reference in the "Big Data Analysis and Action Automation" tools in 2014. Now it is the moment to really build traction around this.



DRI Offer

We are, of course, still open to the deployment and consultancy of projects for specific parts of our expertise cycle, with CRM frameworks, BI technologies, knowledge management infrastructures, new collaborative platforms, etc. With this in mind, we'll be linking the whole company and its offer, and leveraging our positioning as Cloud Systems Integrators. All without forgetting our local markets also applied to security systems and intelligence.

Happy new year... and, once again, let's get connected! Let's grow and evolve together in this changing and challenging 2014!

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