A 2014 filled with good customer experiences!

2014 filled with good customer experiences

First a short look back on 2013. Did we accomplish the goals that were in our forecast a year ago? Yes, in deed we did! We more than doubled our growth, both in customer base and revenue - and more importantly, most of our projects currently involve more than CRM systems.

There's this saying in Norwegian: 'A cherished child has many names', and CRM has a got a lot of names as well - Customer Experience Management being one of them. In my opinion, experience is the most important aspect for keeping your customers happy and loyal to your company or your brand.

A good CRM system is the cornerstone that enables the delivery of the best possible customer experience. SugarCRM's latest release (Sugar 7) is moving in that direction - the right direction if you ask me. Deliver great experiences to every customer, every user, every time - to have the 360 view of your customer easily available and make sure the customer gets the same excellent treatment every time they interact with you. No matter if it's customer service, sales or marketing - customer experience is key for the future.

We will be focusing on the experience in 2014. We will continue to give our customers the good feeling they get by choosing us to be their partner and help them. We call it the 'feel good vision'!

I wish all of you a fantastic 2014 with plenty of good experiences! 

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