2014 will be very exciting!

2014 will be very exciting!

Another year came and went. 2013 was a good year: we had a 35% growth on Global Turnover, and we started our operation in Germany with DRI Central Europe. 2014 will be even better. Our forecasts point to an overall turnover increase of more than 50%, so we have high expectations.

2014 will be very exciting. I think that it will be the year where Cloud System Integrators (CSI!), something we also see ourselves as, will start to play an even more important role in the Industry. CSI’s are often forgotten on most of the IT articles I read, with all the focus going to Vendors. I can understand that from a business perspective: it’s where most of marketing money is. But I don’t agree. I think that the success of Vendors is totally aligned with the success of integrators. If Vendors don’t have good CSI, then the chances of them growing at a high speed and serving a large number of customers with quality are small. So CSI should get more attention from analysts and media, as they are an important part of Vendor ecosystem.

Also, 2014 will bring about even more new cloud solutions. In the last couple of years, every month I see another cool Cloud Solution. But how will the customers be able to try all these solutions and integrate them with existing or new systems? How will they be able to pick the best solution for them?

Big companies like Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce tend to buy some of this small, brilliant companies and bundle them in pre-integrated solutions. But the Cloud ecosystem is all about freedom of choice and integration. Being able to pick the exact solution for your exact need, and even add value. This is where CSI can play a big role. We can help customers choose from a wide range of solutions: which are the ones that fit their needs better. And, once chosen, make all the parts play nice together.

So I think CSI can play the role of Vendors, just by gluing existing solutions, from different vendors, picking the best of each ones and integrating them. The only difference will be the name. Every time I have these ideas, the thing that always comes up is “How the hell are you going to market this? Where are your millions for Marketing to spend?” and I still don’t have an answer, but, as a believer, I think this is the way to go and the path to follow. And good Marketing is not only about millions, it’s about good ideas — as the Internet age has shown all of us.

Have an amazing 2014, everyone!

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