The Company to Watch

When an entrepreneur starts a company, he always has amazing expectations and a brilliant future ahead. At least in his mind. Then he starts setting up the company, and usually the motivation stays high, but reality comes up and that amazing scenario that was planned starts to fade away, and the tasks to make it come true start.

During all my years of DRI, we’ve been going through many different milestones that made us very happy and confident that our dream would come true. These milestones tend to get bigger and bigger. I remember that the first one was when DRI signed it’s first customer. Then the next one was when we would sign a very important customer. Then a very big project and so on. Our most recent milestones where related with our global expansion.

The last and most recent one was achieved with the announcement of Paul Greenberg’s CRM Watchlist 2013 winners, where DRI was named “Company to Watch” in 2013.

You know your company is doing well by the numbers. But this kind of recognition is much more important than numbers, as it shows you that you’re going in the right direction, since it’s done by one of the most important CRM analysts worldwide.

So, what’s next? In his article, Paul set his standard: with the right seasoning, resources and game plan, we should be Watchlist winners in 2015. He mentions that our services are purchase worthy right now. I agree. He mentions that mainly due to our youth, we lack some components to cause a bigger impact. I also agree. But we do have the tools: the ambitious gameplan, quality, and hard work. With these, everything will follow, and we’ll make bigger dent in the industry.

Motivation is high, and we feel well up to the task. Let’s see what happens next year...

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