DRI makes the mark!

Being recognized as a Best Place to Work is no small achievement and it’s certainly not all about having a laid-back culture and fabulous perks! In 2012, DRI decided to run for a spot on the ranking, and made it - we ended up securing our place on the list. Let me tell you little bit about it.

The election of the Best Companies to Work For is an annual initiative fronted by the Portuguese magazine EXAME, in partnership with Accenture, and consists of a careful analysis of the degree of commitment of employees with the company, paired with an analysis of the company’s Human Capital Management. The study has increased in number of participating companies over the years, with more than 500 companies competing to make the list in 2012. To determine the degree of employee commitment, all staff had to fill out a questionnaire.

But what is measured? A lot of things as it turns out, but here are a few of the most important:

  • Leadership: How employees feel about company management;
  • Wellbeing: How staff feels about balance between their work and personal life;
  • Giving back: How much the company puts back into society and the local community;
  • Personal growth: To what extent staff feel stretched and challenged by their job;
  • My boss: How staff feel towards their boss and other managers;
  • My company: Feelings about the company as opposed to the people they work with;
  • My team: How staff feel about their colleagues;
  • Fair deal: How happy staff is with their pay and benefits.

For a company like DRI, expanding and hiring, it’s of great importance to be distinguished as a best place to work because of the competitive environment that surrounds recruiting and retaining top talent in the IT industry. Furthermore, it’s an indicator to us as a company how good we’re doing when it comes to nurturing a positive work environment, what we do well and what we need to improve. This way we may continuously strive to become better.  

What makes DRI one of the best companies to work for? Well, a number of things! I started working for the company a year ago to this day, and the first thing that hit me right at the beginning was the informal, friendly and relaxed (but never the less professional!) environment. It may have something to do with the fact that the company has its roots as an academic spin off - it sort of continues to have that free spirit that has survived all the ups and downs of time and so still lives on today.

One of the ways it translates to management is the ‘flatness’ of the organization - anyone is encouraged to challenge an idea and introduce their own, as long as it’s professional and adds purpose and meaning to what and how we do things, of course. And what it boils down to at the end of the day, is that everyone is able to have an impact doing what they love no matter what their background or position in the company is. DRI staff has come to develop an affective relationship with the company, and proof of that is the way we have no problem in showing our face on the company blog, or in videos like this or this! We’re proud of DRI, our work and achievements - it shines through in everything we do!

On a final note I’d like to congratulate our fellow ranking-members and their great employees, and congratulations to all DRI staff as well for contributing each day to create and maintain a a one of a kind workplace!

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