DRI nominated SugarCRM Elite Partner

Elite Partner

On the year of our 10th anniversary with SugarCRM, we’ve achieved the highest partnership level and became Elite Partners. This is a performance based distinction that makes us very proud!

It was 2005 when it all started. We started looking at CRM providers actively, and SugarCRM stroke us as the strongest horse: a very promising product (Sugar 2.5.1, wow!), Open Source roots, an energetic community and a perfect technological alignment with DRI. A match made in heaven.

Over the years, we’ve met a lot of people in the ecosystem, from Sugar and from partners, and made friends for life. We’ve worked on countless projects and delivered all types of solutions, simple and complex, cloud and premise, full fledged business process conductors and simple contact management tools. Our vision is simple, but ambitious: CRM as a key part in a large picture that encompasses other elements like Marketing Automation, and Online Touchpoints, all working with clockwork precision to deliver great experiences to customers.

It has been a great partnership so far, and I’m thrilled to join the very restricted group of SugarCRM Elite Partners. It’s the highest tier in the SugarCRM channel partner program, and what Sugar is doing is recognizing us as a company that builds large-scale implementations, and has the ability to integrate, train and develop Sugar, driving customers to success.

We're looking forward to continuing success as Sugar Elite Partners! Check out our technology page on Sugar, for more on how we use it with our customers, or our case studies to see some in depth examples.

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