DRI takes Enterprise Customer Experience to SugarCon

DRI takes Enterprise Customer Experience to SugarCon

Having been SugarCRM partners for so long, we have also been going to SugarCon since 2010. This year, with our new image and the opening of DRI USA, we thought it would be a great chance to take our presence up a notch and sponsor the event.

So we’re quite happy to be at booth 314, Astor room, Waldorf Astoria next Monday to Wednesday. Even happier to have our partners from Collab with us, as well as someone else — can’t tip my hand here just yet.

Talking points

Seeing as it’s SugarCRM’s event — and they’ve got the product angle pretty much in the bag —, we thought we’d use our airtime to tell people about the bigger picture we see at the moment: Enterprise Customer Experience, which our very own Mitch Lieberman defines as “the people, internal processes and technology required to listen, guide and engage your customers in the digital world”.

This, of course, is a broad picture indeed, and we’re zooming in on four specific aspects of it:

1. The listening part: Your customers are talking. To you, and about you. Are you listening or just waiting to talk? Does your Contact Center give you and your team the ability to listen and interact with customers in real-time and at any time, in the media of their choosing?

2. The understanding: If your customers are talking about you, for example in social media, are you getting anything real from it. Are you able to digest the data and information, then transform it into insights and plot a course of action that makes sense? 

3. Community: a place where your customers can gather and engage with you and among themselves is a key part of the experience. Do you have one? Is it linked to your organization's inner workings, or is it just a lost forum?

4. Collaboration: is it happening inside your organization? Are your employees sharing ideas, discussing products, helping you perform as a whole? Do you sponsor and encourage people to break down silos, work together and share ideas without losing customer focus?

There’s obviously much more to it, but it’s only a 2 day conference.

So if you are around, come by our booth and have a chat, or join us at the two speaking slots we have: Mitch will be on the Customer Engagement Strategy track, wednesday at 1pm, and also showcasing our field force management tool, in the exhibition area, tuesday at 12pm.

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