If you had a 25th hour, how would you spend it?

25th hour

If you had a few more hours in your day, what would you do?

Seriously, would you spend more time with your family, work more, take more time for yourself. While at a personal level, this might be an unfair question, answer it wrong and you will be sleeping on the sofa! But, for work, your job, what would you do with an extra hour in your day? Now, it is a bit of trick question, you cannot really take more time for yourself. So, what do you do? How about spend more time with customers, partners and the important people. What if this also involved getting a quick workout in?

For DRI, Reebok is a client, a partner and just a lot of fun! Spending time inside Reebok is a pleasure. A great atmosphere, great people; the energy is almost palpable. One of the things I learned quite quickly; don’t schedule a meeting during lunch, everyone is working out. The second thing I learned, partners are really important, something I wish more companies would learn. The training team at Reebok had some basic technical requirements, but all they really wanted is more time to talk to athletes, people, human-to-human.  


The reason for program is to more tightly align and coordinate participants within the Reebok ecosystem. The important piece to remember is this is all part of marketing - relationship marketing. This is about listening; communicating, facilitating and helping people to more deeply understand the brand. There is no sale, no lead and it is not customer service, but is customer experience (sit on that one for a bit). Some of the things the team does may feel like customer service, but it is about relationships with people, at a very personal level. At the core, it is not about an individual, it is about what two people and teams of people can do together.

The starting point of the project was a focus on data. Data. Data needs to be accurate, sharable and is dynamic. Different people have different needs, but that does not mean everyone needs their own copy of the data.  Yes, Reebok works with athletes, trainers, advocates and friends of brand. What this means is that while we used a CRM platform at the core, to manage the information, this is not about pipeline, marketing automation (yet), nor customer service. This is about giving people time back to focus on the relationships. In the digital age, with the focus on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube - it is amazing what a personal touch can do - you know, a phone call, or heaven forbid an in person conversation!

If you would like to learn more about how DRI is working with Reebok, feel free to give me a call! (Or email, if you like).

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