Inside View @ DRI in May

Inside View @ DRI in May

Inside View is an initiative that enables students to visit companies that work in their field of study for a day.

Inspired by the concept of job shadowing, the Board of European Students of Technology in Lisbon (BEST Lisboa), decided to bring this unique initiative to life in 2012 in Portugal with the support of the Technical University of Lisbon.

The 1st edition, in which DRI also participated last year, proved to be a huge success, for both the students enrolled and the participating companies. As always, we like to do things a little differently here at DRI. And Inside View was no exception.

Instead of having a student shadowing one person for a whole day, we decided to invite students in pairs and have them circulate in the office, spending some time with all the different teams and getting to know all our ongoing projects, as well as have them participating in scrum activities. We always try to gather the whole DRI Team for lunch on Inside View days as well as schedule a Tek session when possible. Of course, ping-pong matches are a must!

So, currently in its 2nd edition, the Inside View has 750 registered students competing for 240 ‘openings’. These openings spawn from 90 proposals made by the 28 participating companies.

This program is part of our HR Employer Branding effort to communicate to prospective staff what makes DRI a desirable place to work and why. For a company like ours, expanding and hiring, it’s of great importance to be known to future engineers as early as possible because of the competitive environment that surrounds recruiting and retaining top talent in the IT industry.

This year, DRI will be welcoming 7 students to spend a day with us during the month of May - a rewarding experience for both company and students!

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