ITE Awards & the many shapes of SugarCRM

ITE Awards & the many shapes of SugarCRM

Great news: for the second consecutive year, we’ve been named finalists for the ITE European Software Excellence Awards. IT Europa is a european provider of strategic business intelligence, news and analysis. These awards aim to, in their own words, “recognise best practices in customer solutions by Systems Integrators, Solution VARs and ISVs across Europe”. Needless to say, we’re quite proud and happy with this nomination.

The named project was a SugarCRM based “legal process manager” we’ve built for CIMPAS, an arbitral court that aims to provide information and an alternative way to solve legal disputes between insurance companies and customers. Meaning they help keep courthouses less busy by offloading some of their work.

And what is a “legal process manager”? It’s really not important. What matters is that a company that’s seemingly far away from having the need for most of the obvious, out of the box CRM usages — the classical Marketing / Sales / Support — has adopted a very flexible platform and leveraged this flexibility to create a tool that completely suits their business processes.

This type of SugarCRM usage is something we have been talking about for a while now. Every business has customers — whether they are people buying a gadget, a company buying consultancy services, or citizens who are unhappy with their insurance company, doesn’t really matter. What matters is the way you interact with and relate to customers will improve if you have specified, coherent, well implemented processes, and information is available, relevant and in context, to customers and staff. It’s critical that whichever tools you select are flexible enough to provide these features to your business, and whoever helps you implement has the required kung fu.

This is just what we did with CIMPAS, and things have turned out great — it’s official now with this nomination! So, please, cross as many fingers as you can, and hopefully we’ll bring and award back from London next week!

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