A thriving technological ecosystem

A thriving technological ecosystem

Thrive - To make steady progress; prosper.
Ecosystem - An ecological community together with its environment, functioning as a unit.

Thriving ecosystems, in short, prosper by interacting with each other and their environment, and the same could be said about DRI. Whether you’re a co-worker or a visitor, you might not notice the first time around. But as time goes by, and you start hearing about current projects, past projects, ongoing projects, future projects, pet-projects... you start to feel a pattern emerge.

There are teams working simultaneously on Social CRM, E-commerce Platforms, Web Portals, Virtual Machines, Process optimization, to name a few. These teams are bounded by laughs, ping pong, Benfica and good humor! If by any chance you had visited us today, you would have seen all kinds of expertise, nurturing information from the famous 'DRI TEK Sessions', from Marketing to Developers. And at the end of the day, during ping-pong matches or even during lunch time, all kinds of buzz and ideas are exchanged, between different roles of co-workers.

With challenges that need solutions and new projects coming in, this company-wide culture comes to life and present viable solutions, crazy solutions! Some ideas are out of the box, and you may wonder 'Why are these ideas out of the box?' but the right question should be 'Why not?'.

This is the result of having System Administrators; Database Administrators; Designers; Developers; Marketing and Managing Partners, all at arms reach meddling around in outstanding technologies and processes, from NoSQL databases, JavaScript, PHP Frameworks, VirtualBox, Phing, Jenkins, SugarCRM. And the cherry on top? You can read about every project and technology being used. You can go and ask anyone "Why did you decide X and not Y?".

This empowerment of knowledge exchange is key to innovation; healthy confrontation of real challenges and solutions, makes you reach further. Especially when things get tough and deadlines get closer. It's inevitable that you start to get that special mindset, that will make you go above and beyond your call of duty. The great experiences each individual brought to the table, are melted in this environment, and whether you like it or not, you start to ask the questions "What if ...?", "How can we make it happen?".

This rich ecosystem, thrives each day, and it spills a new attitude into your daily life, returning it a thousandfold. You could say, that "One spark can start a fire", providing the conditions are adequate, and guess what: they are!

That "Spark", can be the solution to a challenge, or a brand new process starting to take form. After all, why not?

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