UniPlaces.com: A CRM Implementation


UniPlaces is a trusted online accommodation marketplace that helps millions of students and young professionals around the world to find and book housing abroad.

The site was born in November 2011 following the founders’ own first hand experience with the disorganised and old fashioned process of finding accommodation as university students. Printed advertisements littered university notice boards and existing sites just added to the clutter. It just had to be fixed.

UniPlaces.com began securing partnerships with top university institutions in Portugal, and little by little it became the reference within student accomodation. Through interactive neighborhood guides and search options, this fast growing platform assists users in selecting the best location for them.

Three years into it, and with offices in Portugal and the UK, the company was growing fast. They decided to invest in a platform that would allow them to improve the sales process end to end, become more streamlined and methodic.

This was where we came to be a part of this story — back in 2013. 

We were approached by UniPlaces.com co-founder Miguel Santo Amaro, who told us about the challenges they were facing and how we could help finding a way to deal with them.

The solution was to centralize the whole process into a single tool — Sugar — to allow users to be focused the business, landlords and students, rather than filling out forms and data entry. Sugar had to make it silly easy and quick for people to find students, landlords, places and make the perfect match.

In a business that involves so much direct contact, a lot of the work is naturally done in the inbox. We needed to ensure users didn’t have to leave their normal flow to get data into the CRM. Like the young, agile company that they are, UniPlaces.com uses Gmail, so we used Collabspot to make the bridge to Sugar. Now emails, contacts and calendars work across both applications and everyone collaborates around the customers.

A few months into the go-live, everything seems to be going great. Uniplaces.com keeps growing and growing — they are now in Madrid as well —, well supported by the tools we helped put in place!

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