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2013 comes with new challenges

After 2012, when DRI Spain was born, we have the challenge of being consolidated as a company in 2013.

During last...

Carlos Martinez / Jan 11, 2013

A peek over the Horizon

2013 is upon us, budgets are locked and people are looking forward, with great anticipation to the rewards 2013 will surely...

Mitch Lieberman / Jan 09, 2013

13 predictions for 2013

2012 was without a doubt a great year for us at DRI. We opened four new offices in the Nordics, Spain and USA, rebranded our...

Cláudio Calvão / Jan 07, 2013

All set for 2013!

After a rocket start in 2012, we are now facing 2013, and the forecast is promising.

All our ambition for DRI Nordic...

Kristian af Sandeberg / Jan 04, 2013

The long road to become agile

It isn’t only our brand that is changing, our way of working is changing, too. In fact, the how we develop our projects is a...

Miguel Pereira / Dec 27, 2012
Life at DRI

Happy Holidays!

Nina Kinck / Dec 21, 2012