Web Developer

Websites, platforms & applications

We’re looking for full-time software developers to join our Websites, Platforms & Applications team. The developers will work in a project environment, using their PHP and Javascript skills to customize and integrate solutions based on products like Drupal. More than building simple websites, this is about creating the perfect CMS for each customer and his specific business needs.

Our projects have a very wide scope in terms of industries and customer types, so the developers will be able to work on several different types of problems, coming up with solutions for a wide range of requirements, performance and functional.

Our developers will work in an agile environment, using state of the art tools such as the Atlassian suite.

In sum, we’re looking for candidates that:

  • Know PHP and Javascript, as well as some strong HTML and CSS;
  • Drupal experience is a plus;
  • Can handle a fast paced, short deadlined environment;
  • Recommend and implement solutions for complex problems.
Clemente Raposo
Coding against requirements that match real life business problems is perfect for me. — Clemente Raposo, Software Engineer