Sealing Systems Firm Boosts Effectiveness


There comes a time in any company’s growth when they have to take a moment to organize and structure some key IT systems and gear them up for the long run, replacing solutions that grew beyond their capacity.

Roxtec is a leading provider of modular sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. The company was founded in Sweden after the invention of a solution for adaptability to cables and pipes of different sizes based on modules with removable layers. It revolutionized the cable routing and pipe installation processes.

After unprecedented expansion, Roxtec is active in more than 70 countries with 21 subsidiaries and employs over 500 employees.

Prior to 2006, Roxtec did not have a consistent customer database. Its marketing and distribution teams employed independently developed small-scale solutions based on Excel spreadsheets. Individual branches used isolated, disparate systems, which made it impossible to implement integrated and efficient CRM processes.

“Sugar offered a robust, web-based, open source CRM solution at the best price-to-performance ratio, which was ideal for us. With Sugar’s open architecture, we could easily adapt our solution to the needs of each country.” — Matthias Brück, in-house CRM specialist, Roxtec

Our challenge was to up with a solution that mapped and synchronized customer data on an international scale. Because the company’s culture and team structure varied from region to region, Roxtec leveraged Sugar’s flexibility and end user orientation to customize it to country-specific conditions.

The company’s Sugar based solution now provides consistent customer data, simplifies management reporting, improves operational decision making, and streamlines email marketing. In effect, it helps a very diverse company act more consistently, to the delight of their customers!

To read more about Roxtec, please check ou the case study.

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