A sales process made easy

PT Inovação creates an information hub in SugarCRM


PT Inovação, SA is a technological and service engineering company, operating in the field of telecommunications, strongly focusing on introducing new products and solutions that contribute to enhancing its Clients’ competitiveness and leadership. Being an organization that blends Innovation and Knowledge, it holds a complex commercial process and product catalogue, with several variants and possibilities. The project aimed to replace a legacy, homegrown, sales management solution with a newer one, making the sales process easier and enabling its management from a single point.

“We wanted a solution to cover and follow the entire commercial process, from the moment we met the potential client until the moment we sign a contract with him. ” - Project Manager at PT Inovação


  • Single point of interaction;
  • Data from several applications;
  • Flexibility to keep the door open to future integrations;
  • Simple and friendly interface.


Image 1 - Integrating information from various sources

Our solution is based on SugarCRM, and allows for the whole company’s commercial process to be managed in a single place, with a defined flow, all the way from marketing, lead generation and nurturing to customer support.

SugarCRM acts as a hub between various applications that hold master data for several components, such as product catalogue or ERP software.


  • Handle sales orders info from SAP ERP;
  • Deal with products from a custom-designed product catalogue application;
  • Document management integration with Sharepoint;
  • A streamlined interface, custom built for the tasks at hand;
  • The application’s web nature allows for a collaborative process.


The whole customer lifecycle is now managed in the same way across all the organization, being the biggest gains visible in the process of producing commercial offers and integrating results of successful sales into SAP.

Users can now select, from the catalogue, any set of products they like, pick and fetch all the required documentation and handle all the invoicing points and details. All of this from a single, convenient place, and the outcome is a neat, well structured and fully detailed commercial proposal, having the information automatically propagated to the remaining systems. Everyone collaborates and has access to the information.

The whole story

PT Inovação, SA is the technology anchor for the Portugal Telecom Group, and works as a center of excellence, being, in effect, a strategic asset for Portuguese telecommunications. PT Inovação is an international technology supplier that blends Innovation and Knowledge (of technology and market) in the development of new products and implementation of new processes.

In 2010, the company decided to undertake a number of initiatives targeting the redesign of a series of key business processes. One of these was the sales process.

A complex flow

The “before” scenario was an in-house built application that didn’t cover all the applications and other channels of communication for information about the process, with users forced to visit several other applications and other channels of communication for information. This aged application was not integrated with others or mirroring the process, so there was a lot of duplicate work that had to be done across several applications. Our goal was to change that.

Integrating information from various sources into SugarCRM

Image 2 - Integrating information from various sources

The solution was designed to benefit two types of users in distinct ways:

  • for the upper level business users — the fact that every bit of information is integrated, centralized and within reach of a reporting system that gives them customizable reports and dashboards, supporting decision making;
  • for the end users — the endless attention that was paid to detail during the development process, making sure that everything was in the exact place they needed it to be, that there are no unnecessary steps, and that the user interface, more than just looking good, actually helps them perform the task at hand.

Control Dashboards in SugarCRM

Image 3 - Control dashboards

Collaboration was another targeted benefit. PT Inovação’s commercial proposals are complex documents, with several software and service components linking together and several people required to deliver them. This work is now done on top of our application, and interactions are not scattered throughout emails anymore.

The fact that the users no longer need to work with several applications determines that they don’t need to acquire knowledge in all of them, and that the bootstrapping of a new employee is faster. The average time to wrap up a proposal has been significantly reduced.