The Apollo Project

The Apollo project is an initiative we’re undertaking to develop a platform to help any company setup a software factory, handling all aspects and activities involved in the development of software in a nearshoring model.


The execution of software projects has specific demands and needs. Within this scope, the nearshoring model is even more peculiar, with numerous issues that arise from the fact that there is no direct contact between development teams, project managers and end customer.

The tools will allow for a customer to know the exact status of each task of the project, ask questions, identify risks, validate intermediate checkpoints through the usage of prototypes, and manage new requirements.

In the eyes of the IT company, the tools should be used by project managers who manage the software factory, analysts and consultants who handle requirements, software architects who design solutions and model processes, software developers to manage their tasks. All these project stakeholders need a common place to communicate and collaborate, where nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Since this platform is aimed at increasing efficiency in the execution of projects using resources under outsourcing models, something that is notoriously difficult to do in IT and software development, it is our goal to come to a point where the Apollo platform will be fully productized, and available to be sold as a set of documents and expertise that will help companies build a nearshoring based software factory.

In accordance to the guidelines set forth by the Portuguese system form incentives to research and technological development (Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico), this programme has a goal to increase entreprise competitivity.

Financing Programme

QREN - I&DT Empresas/Projectos Individuais - Project number 22802

Global Investment

EUR 723.899

Approved incentive

EUR 462.862

Planned dates

Start: September 2011
Finish: August 2013

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