A social network with a CRM spin

Galpshare creates a new logic in mobility

The Challenge

Galp Energia wanted a way to bring customers together and interact around the topics of sustainable mobility and environmental issues, in a context of the refined fuels global price rising. The company wanted to provide users with a free tool they could use to share mobility resources, cutting monetary and environmental costs. A social network was the way to go.

The Solution

DRI build a social network based on an open source social networking engine. The social network was initially stand alone, but a Facebook integration was quickly developed. SugarCRM works as a monitoring tool, as well as one for Galp to reach out and interact with customers, via newsletters or email. Most data present in the social network is synchronized with SugarCRM, where it can be used for analysis and actioned.

The Result

With over 15K registered users, the platform is a success not only because of the traction it generated with users but also because of the very positive impact it had in terms of PR. Each individual shares his resources, and eventually everyone spares money and the environment.


The whole story

Galp Energia is an energy company – finding and extracting oil and natural gas from sites across four continents to deliver energy to millions of customers every day. Galp is Portugal’s oil and natural gas integrated operator. The company’s activities span from exploration and production of oil and natural gas to refining and marketing oil products, natural gas marketing and sales and power generation.

In 2009, Galp created Galpshare, an online community aimed at boosting a civic behaviour change with regard to how people commute every day. Galpshare promotes each individual’s contribution to sustainable mobility by helping them share their journeys and transportations with other Galpshare users.

Meet users wherever they are

The Galpshare platform is a full blown social network based on a powerful open source social networking engine. The basic functionality allows for registered users to create journeys and advertise them throughout the network. People who would like to jump in and tag along can do so, and eventually 5 cars with one person each become a single car. Less traffic, less pollution, less costs. Everyone’s happy!

In order to facilitate a wider adoption and drive a heavier usage of the platform, a Facebook application was developed. This app allows for users to manipulate Galpshare journeys inside Facebook and advertise them throughout their friend network.

CRM as a monitoring and communication tool

Besides all the basic ride sharing functionalities, Galpshare also has some more advanced features that allow users to socially bookmark content, participate in common interest groups and discuss environment related issues. All this information is sent in real time to a SugarCRM instance that monitors and gathers information about user activity and allows Galp to run all sorts of campaigns, from newsletters to offering tickets to shows to handle complaints and interact directly with users, in a completely personalized way. For example, it’s possible to target people that have travelled to a specific destination in a campaign, or people who tend to participate in discussions about a certain topic.

With over 15 000 registered users, the Galpshare platform has lead the way in the push for more adoption of sustainable mobility in Portugal, and has received industry wide recognition for it.


Galp reaped several benefits from this solution, such as:

  • A platform that brings it closer to customers; Real time knowledge of what’s going on in the community;
  • A simple way to send targeted newsletters;
  • A tool to process user complaints and suggestions;
  • A platform that integrates with Facebook, where everyone has an account;
  • Great PR for providing a sustainable mobility tool for free.