The SSAM Project

To solve a specific need in terms of quality resources, DRI started the SSAM project (Intelligent Decision System for Supplier Selection, Assessment, and Management), a solution capable of management, evaluation and selection of suppliers for the software industry.


The “Intelligent Decision System for Supplier Selection, Assessment, and Management” (SSAM) is looking for a solution for the management, evaluation and selection of suppliers for the software industry. The solution must be able to present what is the best software supplier for a particular project or project segment, supporting on a characterization data platform suppliers, results of tests conducted and information collected from other tools.

The solution will allow SSAM also develop cluster business philosophy allowing the sharing of information between different companies, leading to greater cooperation between them.

In the eyes of the IT company, the tools should be used by project managers who manage the software factory, analysts and consultants who handle requirements, software architects who design solutions and model processes, software developers to manage their tasks. All these project stakeholders need a common place to communicate and collaborate, where nothing gets lost or forgotten.

To achieve support decision-making the solution will be endowed with intelligence and learning ability. In this sense will develop a set of evaluation methods based on advanced qualitative and quantitative data, defining a set of metrics and indicators that can translate mathematically various aspects for various times of the “supplier lifecycle.”

With this solution will combine the existing information resources with automatic processes of choosing the best before the appointed criteria.

In accordance to the guidelines set forth by the Portuguese system form incentives to research and technological development (Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico), this programme has a goal to increase entreprise competitivity.

Financing Programme

QREN – I&DT Empresas/Projectos Individuais – Project number 34140

Global Investment

EUR 725.312,95

Approved incentive

EUR 331.553,84

Planned dates

Start: April 2013
Finish: March 2015

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