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Aspiring vision. Engaged people. Global reach.

We help organizations foster engagement and enhance customer experience through technological channels.

Established in 1999 as a result of an academic spin off, DRI is a global consultancy company that helps companies enhance the customer experience they provide in their technological channels.

We treasure partnerships, love teamwork, and believe creativity, quality and sustainability are paramount.

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Coding away in our Lisbon office.

We execute projects from first seed of an idea to production and have become quite experienced web thinkers and implementers. We believe we can help customers improve their ideas, or come up with even better solutions than the ones they were asking for.

We like to question the requirements and discuss approaches, and then move on to implementation. And we have a team that’s both multifunctional and talented enough to do just that!

What we do.

We implement ideas, shape and integrate great software, and help you make sense of all the data around you.

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We partner with the world’s best companies to provide our customers with the best possible solution.

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